• A graduate of Ryad Al Maarfia high school, Yasmina managed to get a full scholarship to pursue her studies in Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship at the University of Miami , the best 23rd business school in the world . Since joining, she has participated in numerous international conferences such as the Model United Nations, and joined the Finance Club as well as the Economics Club in her school. Yasmina is only a freshman in college, but already has plans to do a financial internship in one of the largest investment banks. "With all the opportunities out there today, it is very easy to get lost. Addictest helped me navigate my choices , set up realistic goals and form a competitive application. With Addictest, the process of applying to American universities has become much easier! " Yasmina Chafai El Alaoui - Miami University
    Yasmina Chafai El Alaoui - Miami University
    Scholarship: 100%
  • Nada is a brilliant student who got a full scholarship to study at the prestigious NYU Abu Dhabi. She is the first Moroccan girl to access the school that receives more than 17,000 applicants a year and selects only 400. Nada receives $ 74,000 financial aid annually. This scholarship covers everything including housing, food, two roundtrip flights and $ 2.500 pocket money! She is currently double majoring in economics and computer engineering. "Thank you Addictest for an excellent training. The seriousness and competence of their team that attended some of the best American universities have undoubtedly opened the way for me to go to NYU Abu Dhabi. A huge thank you to Ziyad El Mouniri. "
    Wardi Nada - NYU Abu Dhabi
    Scholarship: 100%
  •  Othmane has become a national pride since he managed to get a scholarship to the 6th best university in the world, the well-known: Yale University. Othmane will join the ranks of Bill Clinton, George Bush, Stephen Schwarzman and many other personalities who also studied at Yale. It is through going to such schools that students occupy important positions in their countries and besides, the average starting salary for a Yale graduate is DHS 52,000 per month!  «Adddictest helped me tremendously in my applications to American universities. But above all, it is their SAT preparation program that enabled me to get a high score in the admission test. At Addictest, I learned several tricks and methods that have served me a lot on the day of the exam. I thank them deeply. "
    Othmane Fourtassi - Yale University
    Scholarship: 95%
  • Lina got a sports scholarship at the 7th best university in the world: the University of Pennsylvania . She studied medicine with a specialty on Biological Basis Of Human Behavior (Neurology). She has already guaranteed an internship in a large research laboratory in America this summer. Lina is one of our greatest prides- her school taught the greatest businessmen, presidents and Nobel laureates of our time. In fact, Lina studies in the same classes where the billionaire Warren Buffet, Donal Trump and many others were. «Of all the centers available in Rabat, Addictest is by far the best. Nobody else equalizes the expertise and effort they have shown. I would have never been able to integrate the University of Pennsylvania or even less receive a scholarship if it was not for them. I owe them a lot and I will forever be grateful. " Lina Qostal - University of Pennsylvania
    Lina Q - University of Pennsylvania
    Scholarship: 80%
  • Hajar studies economics at London School of Commerce, an institution in London that granted her a 50% scholarship. Hajar managed to find a student job that allowed her parents to only pay DHS 50,000 per year all fees included. Hajar is very happy she integrated a school that exposed her to the international arena and changed her perspective of life. She is happy with her studies and intends to work for the university administration later. " Addictest showed me several channels of study that I did not know, and advised me a lot on higher education abroad . The center has a competent team that does a great job. I am very glad I was a student there. "
    Hajar El Gharb - London School of Commerce
    Scholarship: 50%
  • Yassine managed to get into the second best African high school - African Leadership Academy (ALA). He studied A-levels, a high school diploma recognized internationally. Hundreds of Moroccans apply for this school every year, but it's only few of them who manage to get in. Moreover, many of the students at ALA Moroccans went through Addictest. They are now in some of the largest universities that exist: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and MIT... "Addictest is a center that allows young students to learn about new opportunities that might redeem their lives. Their main objective is to show how feasible it is to access the best universities in the world. Why settle when you can have some more? My advice for youth today is to learn first about the different opportunities out there, then choose what path to follow."
    Yassine El Mouniri - African Leadership Academy
    Scholarship: 90 %
  • Just like Yassine, Kamil managed to get into the second best African high school - African Leadership Academy (ALA). "Frankly, without Addictest, I would not be here today. Ziyad The founder, convinced me to choose this path in less than 30 minutes. He understood what I wanted, what I intended to do, but especially what I liked! Ziyad guided me throughout the whole application process. Indeed, in the months that followed, I was fighting to give the best I could. Today, I owe my success to Ziyad and Addictest on the first place. Reach out to him and your life will change to the best.”
    Kamil Aboulkacem - African Leadership Academy
    Scholarship: 60%
  • Youssef has managed to integrate one of the most prestigious schools in the world: The United World Colleges .Within a few months, he Already joined the media and club events, as well as the debate club. Youssef hopes to continue his higher studies at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - and given the momentum where he is now, there is no doubt that he will succeed. Congratulations, Youssef! «Addictest is a phenomenal center that really cares about his students and makes ​​great efforts to help them. I thank them very much for everything they have done for me, and I encourage everyone to join them. It is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.
    Youssef Halim - United World Colleges
    Scholarship: 35%
  • Kawtar joined Addictest for intensive SAT and Toefl preparation, both admissions tests for access to American universities. She has managed to get scholarships at two universities, but decided to go to France to continue her studies. "Addictest helped me improve my English and prepare the necessary tests to access American universities. It also allowed me to get in touch with several associations that guided me throughout all phases of the application process. "
    Kawtar Koutit - Drexel University
    Scholarship: 40%


Addictest aims to open the doors of international education to Moroccans, with an emphasis on preparing students for admission to universities in the US. Our alumni have made it to top notch and benefited from the direction of our teachers, who have attended competitive programs in the US. We work with quality, integrity, and a strong commitment to excellence.


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