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Our teachers evaluate students’ English proficiency and recommend language classes before beginning test preparation in order to maximize test performance. In addition, Addictest provides application support for students seeking admission to undergraduate and graduate programs across the world.Our flexibility enables us to offer a broad range of services that match the diverse needs of our clients.

Plan Ahead

Addictest provides students with the ability to learn, explore, and focus on their college and university Education path. We motivate students to plan ahead and prepare a diverse college portfolio.

Undergraduate program

This program offers students the chance to connect with current and former university attendees, who offer mentoring services and a wealth of insider tips to applicants.

In addition to intensive SAT and TOEFL classes, students receive one-on-one support from our team of advisors. Together students and advisors identify “good-fit” institutions that match applicants’ profiles and preferences. Our team demonstrates a serious commitment to ensuring that students complete their applications in a timely manner.

As a result of these efforts, we develop strong relationships with our students and stay connected with Addictest alumni. Many of our own students come back to support the center as mentors and contribute knowledge to our internal database.

Test Preparation

As a young and creative team, we identify teaching methods and study materials for our students. All of our classes are immersive, with course content offered in English. Our approach also allows for flexibility that accommodates students as they prepare for exams. This approach has led to our students to achieve competitive scores.

Graduates Program

Our team of advisors provides students with all of the information required to make decisions regarding their applications. We understand that graduate studies are a crucial step for future professionals. Thus, we connect each student individually to an advisor, who helps select institutions and programs based on student preferences.

In working with prospective graduate students, we review application content through meetings, create a timeline that helps them acquire the necessary documents, and develop their essays. Our approach to admissions counseling gives students the necessary tools for success at top universities.


Addictest aims to open the doors of international education to Moroccans, with an emphasis on preparing students for admission to universities in the US. Our alumni have made it to top notch and benefited from the direction of our teachers, who have attended competitive programs in the US. We work with quality, integrity, and a strong commitment to excellence.


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