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We are a Perfect fit to work and partner with!

Partnerships are essential to our work at Addictest. We believe that collaboration and joining expertise are the best way to expand our capacity to make a meaningful impact in education and our students lives.

Partnering with us enables you to:

  • Connect with a new audience.
  • Tap into our extended network and reach across several cities in Morocco.
  • Access an excellent and motivated pool of students.
  • Access high-schools across Morocco.
  • Tap into the talent, potential and diversity of Moroccan students.


We Help, Support and Engage in our Student’s Success

We are driven by a desire to provide equal access to higher education by promoting awareness about the application process, supporting students secure the necessary admission requirements, and connecting students to financial support for education abroad. We strive to achieve excellence, operate with integrity, and promote collaborations. These values underpin everything we do at Addictest.

  • Our brand is based on creativity, professionalism, and valuing people.
  • Our ability to excel depends on knowledge, skills and teamwork of our employees.
  • We expect and help bring out excellence in both our students and staff.
  • We invest in students with positive impact.
  • We support equality & quality in Education.
  • We love what we do.
  • We provide a future of opportunities.

Why are we successful:

  • Founded by young professional entrepreneurs, inspired by the good quality of Education.
  • Headquarters in Rabat.
  • We are expanding in more Moroccan cities, and worldwide.
  • Highest scores of SAT & TOEFL.
  • Over 800 of students benefited from Addictest services.
  • Huge Success in our first Alumni Class.
  • One of our kind.


Addictest aims to open the doors of international education to Moroccans, with an emphasis on preparing students for admission to universities in the US. Our alumni have made it to top notch and benefited from the direction of our teachers, who have attended competitive programs in the US. We work with quality, integrity, and a strong commitment to excellence.


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