Our Strengths





Addictest gives its educators the chance to develop as individuals and follow their own intellectual interests, while providing the structure they need to develop their expertise and teach with lasting impact.


We identify our students’ strengths to provide instruction that builds confidence. More importantly, we encourage our students to become self-advocates, so they will not only thrive academically, but also build skills that will support them in university and beyond.


At Addictest, we hope to help as many students as possible further their education in elite institutions, regardless of their background. We want to reduce the barriers that Moroccan students encounter when applying abroad. We are in the process of becoming the leading program for educational guidance and English instruction in Rabat, with the short term goal of expanding to other cities in Morocco.



Addictest aims to open the doors of international education to Moroccans, with an emphasis on preparing students for admission to universities in the US. Our alumni have made it to top notch and benefited from the direction of our teachers, who have attended competitive programs in the US. We work with quality, integrity, and a strong commitment to excellence.


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