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Morocco is full of bright and motivated students who have great potential. However the current reality is that very few apply and get admitted to competitive international universities. Many students therefore miss out on the tremendous opportunity that is to study in such elite international institutions. This leaves a huge pool of high quality candidates that universities are not tapping into. This problem is due to several factors:
  • Moroccan schools (both private and public) are not aware of the opportunities available in American universities around the world. This is due to a lack of adequate training and a Language barrier since most do not speak English.
  • There are no college counselors in Moroccan Schools. Therefore student do not know how to navigate the application process. The significantly complicates the process. Something as simple as getting a midterm grades transcript is extremely complicated to get in Morocco as we do not have mid term grades in our system. The same thing applies to predicted grades. Getting letters of recommendations is an entire other massive problem.  Teachers and professors are not used to being asked to write such letters. It is hard to get them to accept and if they do it is even harder to get them to write them in a formal that would be useful in the application process.  This means that the student has to really go out of his/her way to explain to the teacher what the adequate format of the recommendations is.
  • The few French, Spanish and other such schools in Morocco, are biased toward their own countries. They do not want to help their students go anywhere else.
  • Very little to nonexistent standardized testing prep.
  • Students do not get the adequate guidance and opportunities of self exploration to discover what they are passionate about and what drives them.


Despite all of these issues, a handful of Moroccans still manage to break through the hurdles and make it to various international universities. Having gone through all of this mess ourselves, having seen the tremendous opportunities available in such international universities, having had the chance to go through such a transformative experience in these universities, we sought out to change this! We could not sit around while so many students were missing out! This was 5 years ago and this is how Addictest was born.


It all first started as a non profit. We set up an NGO, and during our school breaks, we would come back to Morocco to share our experience with students from Morocco. We held various workshops where we would go over the opportunities these students had ahead of them. We would walk them through the application process and share with them tips and best practices. We would also help them work on their profile, improve their public speaking skills and overall confidence. We would then follow up with the remotely while we were back in our  respective universities. This lasted for two years.
We quickly notices how little of an impact we were having. We were only able to impact a few of individuals through since our workshops were only during the breaks. We decided to turn this into a social venture so as to be able to have the means to grow our impact and hire more individuals to help guide more and more students.


Turning into a social venture enabled us to stand on our own two feet and grow tremendously. Addictest now has two centers, one in Rabat and the other in Casablanca. We have also launched in October of 2016 our online program so as to enable students who cannot access our physical centers to also benefit. We reach several thousand students every year and work directly with several hundreds of them. We have also launched the Global Addictest Fellowship program, to attract bright individuals who have gone through the application process to come share their experience and guide our students through the process. We cannot be more proud of how far we have come.
Addictest stands as a bridge that helps solve the mess we highlighted in “the context section”. Addictest aims to open the doors of international education to Moroccans, with an emphasis on preparing students for admission to universities in the US. Our alumni have made it to top notch institutions and benefited from the direction of our teachers, who have attended competitive programs in the US.

Addictest provides comprehensive instruction that includes English classes, test preparation, and college application support. We specialize in preparing students to enter American universities, and offer guidance to anyone interested in pursuing educational opportunities in several other countries, regardless of their financial background. Students who cannot afford our symbolic prices benefit from need-based financial aid.

Our innovative program uses methods and pedagogic strategies to optimize the student’s performance. We create a friendly classroom environment that promotes participatory learning, while maintaining a personalized level of instruction. Our ambitious and qualified teachers lead our students by example to be future successful university students.

We plan to expand our reach by creating new branches and exploring other viable teaching models. We aim to become the leading language and counseling center in Morocco.


The educational consultants at Addictest provide experience-based guidance on finding affordable university degrees abroad. We are a group of young leaders and professionals, with undergraduate and graduate degrees from top universities, notably New York University, Brown University, the University of Chicago, London School of Economics, Bocconi University and other top notch schools. We coach students in applying to different universities using our unique insight into what admissions officers are looking for.

We strive to coach Moroccan students who seek quality education. We work with every student individually to demonstrate strengths in their profiles and explore their options to achieve their academic goals.

  • Souhail Wardi
    Partner & Co-director
    Souhail Wardi is a partner and co-director at Addictest. He went to the African Leadership Academy then to New York University in Abu Dhabi to do a double major in Economics and Visual Arts. Souhail believes in delivering high quality products and solutions that help society in meaningful ways. It is for this reason that he is part of Addictest, as it adds real value to the life of our students. He focuses on insuring Addictest runs smoothly and efficiently. He is in charge of our expansion and ensuring our vision comes to life. Souhail is a seasoned entrepreneur and loves the thrill of starting new-ventures and fostering and strengthening their growth. In everything he does, he believes in challenging himself and thinking differently. In addition to business, Souhail is also an artist. When he is not busy creating art or talking to a client, he loves to read, listen to music and most importantly, take care of the people around him.
  • Ziyad El Mouniri
    Founder & general director
    Ziyad El Mouniri is the founder and general director of Addictest. He joined the African Leadership Academy in 2010 to pursue his Cambridge International Examinations and received a full scholarship to attend the University of Chicago, where he studied economics and philosophy. Ziyad is an engaged member of the community who has been involved in various kinds of projects. He was invited to attend events such as the Global Change Makers Summit in London, the 3DD Peace Summit in NYC and the IB World Conference in IE University where he was featured as a keynote speaker. Ziyad spoke about his passion for education at multiple other worldwide events, such as the TEDx. He also co-founded a women empowerment NGO in London, started a breakfast business in Johannesburg and recently established a study abroad program in Rabat. Ziyad is a passionate social entrepreneur who aims to bring positive change around him through education, entrepreneurship and community service.
  • Naima lmsaadi
    Graduate Program Manager
    Naima has been always interested in education. She believes in innovative teaching methods. For that, she followed a different educational path. She graduated from University with a Technical Diploma in computer science and Technology, and then followed a journalism program in partnership with the US Embassy, and joined Leadership Challenge classes at Maryland University , Baltimore. Naima has been always seeking for knowledge and experiences internationally. Naima worked as a trainer in an international recruitment center, and as an admission representative for a University in Mauritius.she also represented Morocco in different events ; as a political leader at the Active citizen Summit in San Francisco and the Reuters Foundation organized, Trust Women Conference in London. She also started working as a citizen journalist with Global Girl Media in Morocco. She is in love with volunteering and has a huge respect for cultures and religions. This influenced her decision to spend a year in the US as an exchange student, where she facilitated religious community meetings and taught Arabic language at the mosque.
  • Youssef Halim
    Global Addictest Fellow
    Youssef is our youngest educational consultant here at Addictest. When he was 16 years old, he joined the Mahindra United World College of India where he got his International Baccalaureate. Starting February 2017, he will be doing a computational neuroscience and neuro engineering dual degree program at Middlebury College. Youssef joined Addictest in hopes of helping fellow Moroccan students succeed into their educational quest. Polyvalent, he is a sports passionate and a filmmaking enthusiast. Youssef brings his fresh experience to our centres and makes sure students get the most our their time at Addictest.
  • Djordje Modrakovic
    Global Addictest Fellow
    Djordje Modrakovic is one of our university guidance counselors and course instructors at Addictest. Djordje comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is a recent graduate from New York University Abu Dhabi. Before moving to the United Arab Emirates to purse his bachelor degree in Psychology and Political Science, he studied at United World College in Mostar. During his time at NYU Abu Dhabi, Djordje acquired academic and professional experience in applied psychology and education counseling spanning five continents. He worked with various populations in multicultural settings including children, high-school students, college students, young professionals, queer communities, migrant workers in the UAE, and the formerly incarcerated. He speaks Serbian, English, and Spanish. Currently, he teaches the GRE, SAT, TOEFL, and guides high-school and bachelor-level students at Addictest through their applications to programs in the United States. Djordje is passionate about counseling and clinical psychology and hopes to obtain a Ph.D. in mental health and sexual health counseling issues in LGBTQ youth. He enjoys rainy days, long showers, tajines, and couscous.
  • Ghita Srairi
    Casablanca Center Manager
    Ghita Srairi is the center manager of Addictest Casablanca. Driven by the urge to do something meaningful for the society, she studied law at Jean Moulin University in lyon for two years where she got a closer look at several legal aspects of everyday life and got introduced to real-world policy problems. Thereupon, she started a bachelor degree at Vincennes Saint-Denis University where she studied communication between Paris and Melbourne. Thinking about how to make a positive and lasting impact in her community, she aspires to join a master program in public affair where she can develop skills and come back to her country to lobby in favour of the Moroccan youth and women empowerment.
  • Ben Bendor
    Global Addictest Fellow
    Ben Bendor is an SAT and TOEFL teacher at Addictest. He graduated from American University, with a major in International Studies and a minor in Arabic. He spent his junior year abroad in Rabat, taking coursework on regional politics and culture. Ben is keenly aware of the importance and passionate about education and cultural exchange, having previously interned with American Councils for International Education's Critical Language Scholarship team and with CET Academic Programs. He is delighted to have the opportunity to help Moroccan students study in international universities, as his experiences have taught him the importance of a quality education that includes exposure to different cultural contexts and pedagogical methods in creating a well rounded academic and professional profile. In addition to teaching SAT and TOEFL classes at Addictest, Ben meets with clients one-on-one to address their individual questions and concerns and provides guidance through the application process. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, listening to music, playing or watching soccer, cooking, and trying new foods.
  • Haïtham El Mengad
    Business Development Advisor
    After graduating from the Lycée Descartes in Rabat, Haitham pursued a degree in Civil Engineering with a heavy focus on Energy Systems at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Another component of his technical background comes from his academic research experience in pictometry, VR modeling and GIS mapping. Haitham supported and promoted Addictest since its early inception phases. Having lived in four different countries and three different continents, Haitham has provided constant feedback from multiple perspectives on the business development, brand image, social benefit, growth and vision of Addictest. An entrepreneurship enthusiast, he received a grant from the UIUC Research Park to fund a two-sided network start-up in the food industry. Haitham also worked in management, technology and social enterprise consulting for clients in Chicago, Togo, Morocco and Panama. Through this versatile experience, Haitham always seeks to provide high caliber recommendations to the Addictest team, with a motto of global competitiveness national leadership. Haitham enjoys playing and watching football, and has an unfailing enthusiasm for martial arts and cooking.


Addictest aims to open the doors of international education to Moroccans, with an emphasis on preparing students for admission to universities in the US. Our alumni have made it to top notch and benefited from the direction of our teachers, who have attended competitive programs in the US. We work with quality, integrity, and a strong commitment to excellence.


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